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Ensemble Réel is a fraternal duo, linked by painting beyond the bond of blood. One left-handed and the other right-handed, it was with passion, poetry and provocation that they decided to start painting individually before forming the ambidextrous artist they have become today. By painting with both hands they decided to bring together their two worlds, both close in ideas and different in graphic style.

Both inspired by the codes of urban art, one freezes the reality of a moment while the other diverts it by working on graphic elements that deliberately denote the rest of the work. This alchemy between their two universes, which marks the recognizable identity of Ensemble Réel, offers a subtle blend of poetry and fatality.

Their universe is recognizable by the fusion and contrast of a colorful, rounded universe and that of a painting that aims to be more realistic. The flexible outline of one allows you to work on chromatics, to link the face, to embark on a dreamlike, inspiring and surreal space. The tears ultimately mark a break to give contrast and depth to the work.


If their way of working together around a work is carried out in a fluid and spontaneous manner, it is around duality, destructuring and contrast that they focus their research in order to bring out a certain harmony from this chaos. .

​The whole amplifies the emotion and catches the eye, allowing each spectator to find their own reading, to open their mind to the complex reality of the figure of the work.

Sublimate a soul in love with freedom and its distrust of others, depict the melancholy of a moment, question each person's femininity, symbolize the power that lies dormant within oneself, divert classic figures... So many themes strongly inspiring the duo that remains to be found.

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